"Sometimes I feel so stupid and dull and uncreative that I am amazed when people tell me differently."

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Wolf Close-up by Jacki Pienta

A close-up of a male wolf taken in Kalispell, Montana



Just look at this woman. She is almost 50 years old. She is AS OLD AS THE SERIES, and she doesn’t look a day over 30. I want to look as good as her when I’m 50. FLAWLESS.

she doesn’t look a day over sexy


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Dyed my hair red the other day, no more blondie!

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I have red hair now.

That is all.

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pros of dating me

  • you can hold my hand whenever you want
  • you can cuddle with me whenever you want
  • you can kiss me whenever you want

cons of dating me

  • i get jealous easily
  • i’m sad a lot
  • i will never feel good enough for you no matter how many times you tell me i am

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Morning glory Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

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I don’t think people realise how hard it is to re-discover the person you were before depression or even try to remember your own personality

and if you’ve had depression since early childhood you don’t even know if you have your own personality

you didn’t have time to be a person before depression

and it’s scary having no idea who you are

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